On the rare occasion you exceed you usage limits our extra data charges are very reasonably priced. If you are consistently going over your limit please call the office so we can discuss moving you to the correct plan.

Pro Plan- $2.00 per GB over limit
Premier Plan- $1.25 per GB over limit
Elite Plan- $1.00 per GB over limit
Business Plan -$0.75 per GB over limit

*30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee:

In the event that you are unhappy with the service we will refund you in full during the first 30 days for the remaining 11 months of service. (You will only be charged for one months use and any installations fees.) No refunds will be given after the first 30 days and any equipment provided by MountainMesh must be returned in reusable condition. After the first 12 month you are then on a month-to-month basis.

30 day cancellation policy

Monthly Pricing Plans:

Below are the speed and pricing plans for your review. If you're not sure of your needs please call the office to discuss your intended usage and we'll suggest the appropriate plan. All paid plans have a unmonitored Data Usage period between midnight-5AM.

Annual Pricing Plans- Save 10%:

If you would prefer to avoid tracking the monthly debits to your credit card, PLUS SAVE 10%, you may purchase your desired service plan on an annual basis. Please contact our office to enroll in this special program at 445-5302.

PlansMonthly FeeContract

Mbps Down/Up

Usage GB/Month
Pro$55.0012 mo.4.0 / 1.020 down/5.0 up
Premier$75.0012 mo.
7.0 / 1.7550 down/12.5 up
Elite$99.9512 mo.
10.0 / 2.5080 down/20 up
Business$150.0012 mo.
15.0 / 3.750120 down/30 up

PlansContractMonthly Fee x 12

Less 10%

Annual Savings
Pro12 mo.$660.00$594.00$66.00
Premier12 mo.$900.00
Elite12 mo.$1200.00
Business12 mo.$1800.00


Should you need to cancel service please send, VIA EMAIL ONLY, your notice to cancel 30 days prior to the day you wish service to end to 

First, we'll need to install special equipment at your home at a cost of $150-$200, including labor, that connects to our radios, providing you internet access. You must provide your own in-home router to connect multiple computers or we can provide and program one for you at a cost of $100.  Larger homes may require a more powerful router and the cost is $150.

Some installations may be slightly higher due to length of wiring required etc. and can only be determined during our FREE in-home signal level check. Attic and crawl space work is not part of our standard installation and price will be quoted before work begins.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Extra Usage  Charges

How to get started