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How It Works:
We have strategically positioned WiFi (wireless) radios throughout the desired coverage area which “talk” to one another, forming a wireless network and is the same technology used at hotspot locations such as at Starbucks.

Why MountainMesh Wireless Is Better Than Satellite:

Besides their poor customer service, satellite providers like HughesNet and WildBlue never talk about the one thing that is so important for a consumer to understand...LATENCY

Latency is the time it takes the transmission from their dish on your home to reach the orbiting satellite that is 23,00 miles above, come back down to their data center, then send the info you've requested back up to the satellite and finally return to your home dish. The typical latency measurement is never less than 900ms but most often is 1200-1400ms. 

This delay makes each page-load sluggish; and VOIP phone systems, VPN and Skype connections, online schooling and live streaming, for all intent and purposes, impossible. The latency on MountainMesh is ONLY 50-90ms...which is REALLY QUICK...because our internet source is from Alpine's cable provider only 5 miles away.

And if you're a gamer you CANNOT game on WildBlue, ViaSat or Hughesnet per the info that appears on their web sites. Fortunately, gaming is quick and responsive on MountainMesh.

60% of my new business is replacing satellite service for unhappy homeowners, so don't be swayed by the slick ads or free installation offers from satellite providers. You always get what you pay for.

Still Not Convinced? 
The links below TELL THE TRUE STORY and appear on an independent industry website that has been monitoring and reviewing our industry for many years:

DSL Report on HughesNet
DSL Report on WildBlue (ViaSat)

11 Reason Why MountainMesh Stands Above The Competition:

1) 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee:
Give it a try for 30 days and if you're not completely satisfied we'll remove the equipment, refund the equipment cost and terminate your auto-debit. We only want happy customers and if we can't make you happy we aren't going to stick you in a 18 or 24 month contract. (See complete details below.)

2) Free download and upload data from midnight-5AM:
Data usage between midnight and 5AM is not monitored so you can use all the data you want during this time and it won't affect your monthly allowed limits.

3) Monthly Bandwidth Usage Monitoring, Not Daily:
MountainMesh has bandwidth usage limits just like every other provider. The difference is our usage period is 30 days not 24 hours. Satellite companies will either turn off or lower you speed to dialup levels should you exceed your usage limit within 24 hours. Mountainmesh's automated notification system emails a warning of impending overage to give our customers a chance to throttle back.

4) Reasonably Priced Overage Limit:
The MountainMesh charge per GB over your plans limit is only $1.25/GB on average while WildBlues is $10/GB. This can really add up when you consider, for example, one movie is between 3-5 GB in size . Our overage plan is priced so we can be compensated reasonably, not to gouge you.

5) Not Affected by Weather:
MountainMesh is not affected by weather, so their is no sweeping the snow off of a dish to re-establish service; and rain, fog and heavy clouds will not affect service either.

6) Not a Dish:
MountainMesh does not use a dish, which often are blown out of alignment and require a service tech to fix at your expense. We use a very small 10" or 12" device which mounts under an eave whenever possible so re-alignment isn't an issue, plus it is not an eyesore like a huge dish.

7) Tech Support in the USA!:
MountainMesh tech support is right here in Descanso, so their are no long waits or difficult language barriers to overcome to resolve any issues.

8) Internet Source Comes From Alpine, CA:
MountainMesh receives it's internet from Alpine's cable provider; so it's as close as you can get to the quality and dependability of being on cable.

9) VPN and VOIP Compatible:
If you need to work from home you can VPN into your office in town as well as call friends via a VOIP service like Skype because MountainMesh doesn't have latency issues. You cannot do this with a satellite service.

10) Cell Service at Home:
MountainMesh also works well with cell extenders. If you currently have poor cell service at your location you can purchase a cell extender from your carrier which uses MountainMesh to provide cell calls. DO NOT cancel your landline as 911 does not work on our system.

11) Your Patronage Supports the Local Economy:
Since MountainMesh is located, owned and operated in Descanso your patronage helps the local economy and not some gigantic corporation. Tech support is not in some foreign country and all installations are done by myself so I can meet you personally. This accountability is important for quick responses and customer satisfaction.

How To Get Started:
First, we'll need to install special equipment at your home at a cost of $150-$200, including labor, that connects to our radios, providing you internet access. You must provide your own in-home router to connect multiple computers or we can provide and program one for you at a cost of $99.95. 

Some installations may be slightly higher due to length of wiring required etc. and can only be determined during our FREE in-home signal level check. Attic and crawl space work is not part of our standard installation and price will be quoted before work begins.