What equipment do I need to get the service?
We will install a Subscriber Unit (SU), which is a receiving radio that is mounted on the outside of your home or office. This equipment is owned by MountainMesh.

Can I install my own system?
Due to the complexity of the system, wiring and programming, we do not allow self-installation. We do a custom install at each home to insure the best quality of service.

What does the installation fee cover?
Our basic installation fee of $150-$200 includes connecting you to the Internet with the most direct route from the SU to the router or computer in your home/office. It includes SU mounting hardware and up to 100’ of shielded Cat5 cable. Customers with multi-level homes may require extra cabling and/or custom installation time. Attic and under-house installations are at an additional charge. An estimate will be provided before we install the equipment.

Can I connect more than one computer?
Absolutely! If you purchase a router from MountainMesh at the time of installation, we will configure it and secure your wireless network for sharing in your home or office at no extra labor charge. Cost for the router range between $100 or $150 depending on the strength of the router based on the size of your home. If you already have your own router you are responsible for it's configuration but we will assist if time permits.

My cell phone doesn't work at home can you help with that?

Absolutly! You will need to purchase a cell extender (not a cell booster) from your cellular provider and then plug it in to the back of your home router. Your cell will connect to the cell extender and the cell calls will be routed through our wifi system.  If works great and saves those stops off at the highway underpass to make a call before going out of cell range.

Will I be under contract with MountainMesh?
Yes...but only after the first 30-days satisfaction period ends and then you will be on a 12 month contract. 

Are there any cancellation fees?
No, there is not fee to cancel but we do require the SU to be returned to us.

Do you require a 30 day cancellation notice?

Yes. If you wish/need to cancel service we do require a 30 DAY CANCELLATION NOTICE so please inform us 30 days prior to the day you wish service to be turned off as your account billing will continue until the 30 day cancellation period has completed.

Do you offer monthly or annual plan?
Yes and yes. The pricing plans are described on the PLANS page on our site. MONTHLY plans are paid via auto-debit, while ANNUAL plans are via cash or check only and receive a 10% discount. We only accept Visa and MasterCard. We do not accept American Express. Any incurred Extra Data Charges are paid monthly through the Customer Portal with a debit/credit card even if you are on an ANNUAL plan.

Do I get an email account?
MountainMesh does not host email. We recommend that you choose from one of the many free email services available from companies such as Gmail.com, Yahoo.com, or Hotmail.com.

Do you limit data?
No, we do not. All of our Pricing Plans have a large amount of included data that resets to zero on the first day of your billing cycle. On the rare occasion you exceed your usage limits our extra data charges are very reasonably priced. If you are consistently going over your limit please call the office so we can discuss moving you to the correct plan.

Pro Plan- $3.00 per GB over limit
Premier Plan- $2.50 per GB over limit
Elite Plan- $2.00 per GB over limit
Business Plan- $1.50 per GB over limit

CEO Plan- $1.00 per GB over limit

Do you have a free data usage period?

Yes! We are pleased to provide a Free Data Period from midnight to 5:00am daily for computer updates, automatic downloads and uploads to the cloud, etc. By managing the data used on our networks we insure all of customers have the consistent, high quality internet service they deserve.

Can I share my wireless connection with neighbors?
No. For security reasons, sharing your service with anyone not located on your property is not allowed.

Do I need line-of-sight to receive a signal from your radios?
Typically, yes. However, each house is unique and in certain circumstances can be connected with near line-of-sight. This can be determined with a no cost site survey.

Can I play online games?
Yes. MountainMesh users are very happy with our ping time of less than 100 milliseconds. However, we are a shared community network and we can’t guarantee the quality for gaming in the remote back country.

Absolutely, yes! Many of our customers have VOIP phone service since it is very cost effective.
*Even though all our sites have large battery backups, MountainMesh is reliant on commercial power. MountainMesh recommends customers have a land line to insure emergency communication and to receive Reverse 911 calls.

Is the service affected by weather?
Our service is typically not affected by weather unless under extreme conditions. Users may notice slower speeds during very heavy rain or snowstorms. To date we have never had a report of service being affected by weather.

What if the power is out?
The MountainMesh network is reliant on the power grid. Our sites have very large battery backups for extended power outages.  It is possible that users may not have internet service if there is no power on the grid. We are happy to report that we have 99% up time.

What exactly is fixed wireless broadband?
"Fixed" means a permanently mounted antenna. "Wireless" means what it implies - no wires. The connection between the customer and our network occurs wirelessly through the air.

How does this service compare to dial up?
The maximum speed of a dial-up connection is 56kbps. Our 4Mg Plan translates to 4000kbps and is more than 70 times the speed of dial up internet!

Is MountainMesh satellite?
Not even close. It is a common misconception that wireless means satellite. Our low power wireless radios send and receive data through the air from our ground stations. Our wireless signals stay here on earth and have very low latency compared to satellite technology.

How is MountainMesh and satellite different?
It is important for a consumer to understand latency. Latency is the time it takes for requested information from your computer to get to the server and return the requested information back to you. Because MountainMesh is tied to a local fiber optic connection, our network is REALLY quick. In addition, because we are a local, fixed wireless service we are not affected by weather like satellite can be. With satellite, simply put, the signal has to travel very long distances from earth to a geo satellite, to a ground station, and then back to the user. This results in poor web browsing performance and lousy VOIP connections. In addition, when weather conditions are poor, satellite communications slow to a crawl or drop off line completely.

Is It Secure?
MountainMesh is a private community wireless network and we take the security of our customers and network very seriously and have implementing multiple measures to protect it. One of those measures is that Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited on the MountainMesh Network. P2P is allowing your computer to transfer files to/from other computers. A common example of this is downloading games, music or movies without paying for them through websites such as LimeWire, imesh, bearshare, etc. In addition to being illegal, the sharing of files may allow outsiders access to your personal information and computer data. All customers must keep their routers encrypted (password protected) at all times. Anti Virus must be installed and current on every computer (with the exception of APPLE systems) running on the network, and scheduled to run automatic scans a minimum of every 30 days.

How does MountainMesh compare to cellular data networks?
In the back country where there is limited cellar service, Fixed Wireless is faster and more reliable overall. The further you are from the cell tower, the lower the performance. With fixed wireless, the speed paid for is the speed delivered. Our system is over-engineered to ensure high quality, consistent performance.

Are the radio waves from your equipment safe?
Our radio equipment transmit at very low RF power levels. All of our equipment is FCC Part 15 Class A certified, meaning that they're certified safe for indoor use per UL and FCC testing.

Do I need any sort of special software?
No. Our service does not require any special software. Our service will work with any computer system that understands standard TCP/IP networking protocols, including Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, as well as video game consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii.

What if I have cable in my house already?
Our connection requires a single shield CAT5 cable from the SU into the house. TV coaxial cable will not work for our connection.

Do I need a working computer at the time of install?
We request that you have all devices you wish to connect to the MountainMesh network available and powered up so that we can insure all your connection needs are met. If you’re not able to have a working computer on site the installer will show you with their computer that service is up and running to complete his install obligation. Return visits to connect devices may be arranged and will be charged at the installer’s hourly rate.

My life is dependent on internet service!
Ours to! If your need for internet is more urgent than the average user, we highly recommend that you have a backup way to access the Internet.

What are my minimum computer system requirements?
Most computers in use today will meet our minimum system requirements. An Ethernet port or Wi-Fi card is necessary and anti-virus/spyware software is required!



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